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Woman molested by Protoss Templar in new StarCraft commercial

A series of new commercials have surfaced from South Korea’s largest airline, Korean Air – and they’re all about StarCraft. The first of the three advertisements features an extra naughty Protoss Dark Templar who can’t resist stroking the hair of the young woman sitting in front of him. The woman is confused, frightened and eventually angered by the steady stream of harassment – and we’d be upset, too.

We hate it when players tech rush towards cloaked units. It’s so cheesy! Now, had she been thinking properly, she might have been clued in on the incoming invisible hair strokes had she done some scouting with her gatherer units to collect intelligence on her opponent’s early build order. As a Terran, she could have done a quick scan with her Command Center. As Zerg, she would know to keep an upgraded Overseer nearby. And of course, as a Protoss player, it’s always wise to keep an Observer unit near your base.

But we digress. The main point is that these commercials are incredibly cool. But if you check the last few frames, you’ll also see a date announcement for the upcoming Ongamenet Starleague (OSL) tournament for StarCraft. It’s one of the most popular e-sport events in South Korea, where famous pro players like Jaedong, FlaSh, and Pure will battle it out. So check the ads out below. We guarantee that they’ll be the most bizarre videos you’ll see today.

Above: The ads also announce the date for the upcoming Ongamenet Starleague tournament

Above: A naughty Protoss abuses his cloaking privileges

Above: All signs suggest that the Zerg’s hive mind is getting smarter

Above: A nice reminder that dropships can ruin all your plans

Above: An old ad for the worst version of StarCraft that ever existed

Apr 20, 2010