Witcher fans are taking an official quiz in the hopes of going to school with Geralt

Witcher 3: Wild Hunt
(Image credit: CD Projekt Red)

It's time to put on your Witcher sorting hat, or whatever the equivalent might be, because there's now an official quiz that'll tell you which school of monster-slaying mutants you should join.

The quiz went live just today, and asks you ten Witcher-themed personality quiz questions of the sort you'd go through to choose your character class at the start of an old computer RPG. How would you spend your time preparing before a monster hunt? Whose side would you take in a war? What would you do if you found out the wraith you'd been hired to destroy was the spirit of a child who'd been murdered by their own mother? You know, Witcher stuff.

The results page will show you how your choices are weighted toward the six Witcher schools represented - Wolf, Bear, Cat, Griffin, Manticore, and Viper. You'll also get a handy zip file full of avatars and wallpapers appropriate to your matching school, just like it's 2003.

It also shows you how everyone else's choices went, and it's clear that fans are following Geralt himself with a lot of their decisions. The Wolf school is a clear frontrunner with the Cat school in a respectable second place.

Notably, there's no Lynx school represented here, so we've still got no insight into what the school will bring to the table as part of The Witcher 4.

Just don't try signing up for any real-life Witcher schools in the near future, as one group of LARPers has been running afoul of CD Projekt Red for its political associations.

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