Wipeout Pulse

Those looking for custom thrills can hit up the Racebox to craft a single event of their choice, or even an entire grid of races. As expected, the most exciting new addition is likely that of eight-player Infrastructure online play- a first for the franchise. We didn't have a chance to test it out in our preview build, but as long as performance issues don't rear their head, there's no reason to believe it won't be one of the best online experiences on the PSP. And like its predecessor, Pulse will be feted with downloadable track packs for quite some time after release.

It's been a long wait since the launch of Pure, but Wipeout Pulse finally answers the long-held question of what would happen if Sony actually built some longevity into a Wipeout title. Considering the pedigree of past releases, we're more than a little cool with that.