Window to WoW, week six

Once you turn in the second and third fragments you will receive The Master's Touch. Head back to Caverns of Time for The Dark Portal. It's also called the Black Morass, and yeah, that's what it is. It demands a delicate class balance and that everyone there play their class perfectly without one error. You will need a tank, a healer, two any-kind-of-dps and a ranged dps for the adds (locks, mages, hunters are best for adds).

BM feels designed to knock the last little bit of cocky out of players before they go to Karazhan. It's is a soul draining, confidence shattering, gear breaking zone and most people would rather go to a dentist any day of the week. But you have to complete it to get into Karazhan. When you wipe on portal 18 and realize with despair that you have to do it all over again, know that we’ve all been there with you. Expect at least one wipe. Call it if you wipe more than five times, or three without getting past portal six.

When you do finish Black Morass, though, the rush almost makes it worth it. Talk to Medvih, and after a little bit of running around, you are now attuned to Karazhan. Head over to the images tab above to download a fresh copy of our Karazhan attunement flow chart. It'll spell out everything you need to do to get you and your guild into The Burning Crusade 's end game. In the meantime, check out ourWindow to WoW Archives for more news and impressions straight from Azeroth's frontlines.