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Window to WoW, week five

We were running Mechanar on Heroic the other day and while clearing the final boss - which is really the only boss with any worthwhile loot - we wiped. No problem. We ran back, zoned in, got to the elevator… and it glitched. We couldn’t reach the boss, and were stuck on the floor we’d already cleared with hours of work wasted.

We opened a petition with a GM since the same glitch had happened earlier to a friend’s group and a GM had opened the gate for them. The GM we got, however, insisted there was nothing he could do, and suggested we zone out and wait thirty minutes for a soft reset. We already waited thirty minutes for the GM’s response, so needless to say we were a bit disgruntled.

We brought up our frustrations with the current end game: the rep grinds, lousy loot tables, endless attunements. The effects of these frustrations are evident in the daily WoW quits, the instability of guilds, the constant sense of malaise, and an overwhelming feeling that all the work we were doing was basically a time sink while Blizzard tinkered with its new content.