UK readers: Win a Fallout 4 Xbox One, game and snowboard

Fancy winning a Fallout 4 (opens in new tab) Xbox One? Of course you do. Look at it – it even says 'Pip-Box' on the front. Well, that's exactly what GamesMaster is offering (opens in new tab) to UK readers, along with a copy of Fallout 4 itself (to which we awarded the maximum 5 stars at review) and a Fallout 4-branded snowboard, courtesy of Bethesda. Yes, that is a surprising part of the prize, but just think how cool you'll look when it snows.

How do you enter? Easy. There's a very simple question you'll need to answer, but I'll leave the surprise for when you visit the official competition entry page (opens in new tab). Make sure you read those Ts&Cs! You've got until January 5, 2016, but hey – just in case you get frozen in stasis and wake up 200 years in the future, maybe you should do it now. Then the prize could be waiting for you when you come out. OK, this got weird fast. Erm… good luck!

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