Wii used to treat burn victims

In between solving Britain's obesity crisis and teaching Doctors how to perform surgery, the Wii is now helping burn victims boost their recovery process.

Doctors in South-East England are offering patients sessions on the console, in order to bring back flexibility to damaged areas.

"When recovering from an operation, such as a skin graft, patients may need to recover normal use of their hands and arms," said Maureen Adams, head of therapy at Queen Victoria NHS Foundation Trust in East Grinstead.

"Using the Wii is a way of significantly improving movement, while not seeing the activity as therapy, which helps motivate them. Wii can also be done at home, so patients are able to continue their own personal therapies."

According to theBBC, the Wii has also helped a boy who was struck by lightning, kept residents of a Welsh care home physically and mentally active, and is being touted as an aid to recovering stroke victims.

Maybe it's just because we caught the Sarah Chronicles pilot last week, but the idea of a Wii in every home, everywhere, is quite unnerving.

Mark our words - a nuclear apocalypse will soon reign down on upon us and from the ashes will rise the machines... all in the form of Italian plumbers shouting "Let's-a-go!"

Courtesy of CVG

Feb 27, 2008