Wii is two spots better than PS3

The latest issue of the tech/culture/politics magazine Wired tests Wii and PS3 and awards Nintendo's console a very favorable eight spots out of ten, compared to six spots for Sony's black beast.

Despite Wired describing the graphics of Wii's launch title games as "downright janky" and pointing to the machine's lower-tech specs as a definite drawback, Nintendo's console wins out thanks to the potential of the Wii-mote and the ability to download classic Nintendo games through Virtual Console.

As for PS3, Wired gives a thumbs up for its sleek interface and its ability to double as a Blu-ray player, but a thumbs down for the absence of rumble in the Sixaxis controller, the amount of heat it generates and the fact that the launch games "look no better than the Xbox 360's."

February 6, 2007