Wii fastest-selling Nintendo console

Famitsu figures reveal that the Wii has broken the five million sales mark in Japan - in just sixty weeks since its launch.

This not only makes Iwata's wallet fatter than Santa Claus, but it also makes the Wii the fastest-selling home console in Nintendo history so far.

In comparison, the GameCube only managed 1.68 million units in the same time frame. N64 did 2.31 million, and the Super NES hit a respectable 3.59 million sales, according to the VGChartz report. While no firm NES figures are apparently available, its eventual success followed what is said to be a fairly weak launch.

1.69 million units is where the PS3 stood after sixty weeks of shelf time, and we won't even bother with 360 (which has only sold 330,000 units since its 2005 launch).

Courtesy of CVG.

Jan 23, 2008