Who is Hitman?

The “Hitman” known only as Agent 47 (Tim Olyphant) is an international assassin who works for a mysterious organisation called The Agency. A ruthless killing machine whose most powerful weapons are his nerve and a resolute pride in his work, Agent 47 has been trailed for years by a relentless Interpol agent, Mike (Dougray Scott).

As Agent 47 prepares for and executes his latest assignment – the assassination of a power-hungry, psychopathic Russian politician – he is betrayed and becomes embroiled in a far-reaching conspiracy. His assignment is further complicated when he is unexpectedly drawn to a beautiful and damaged girl, Nika, who becomes a “random equation” in 47’s precision-fueled work and life.

Weapons of choice
Take a look at what makes Agent 47 the best of his kind and the most stylish assassin the world has ever known….

Twin stainless .45 pistols with silencer - One of the most powerful and effective pistol calibers available. A significantly quieter shot makes it Hitman’s best choice due to the lack of a “crack” as it breaks the sound barrier.

C-4 military plastic explosive - Can easily be molded into any desired shape. C-4 is 1.34 times as explosive as trinitrotoluene (TNT).

Ricin Cytotoxin - The world’s most potent plant toxin. It causes death within minutes and is virtually undetectable.

The Barrett .50 cal sniper rifle - Deadly long range .50 caliber rifle. So strong it can penetrate armored vehicles. A sniper’s top choice (1.5mile+ precision).

“There are men who believe they are beyond the reach of those who want them dead.

They go to extraordinary lengths to try and protect themselves. But no matter how hard they try and they do try, no one can hide forever.

But they still try…

They lock themselves away behind steel doors. Behind legions of well-armed guards. They control governments. Armies. Sophisticated intelligence networks. All is a desperate attempt to prolong the inevitable. But there is one thing they can never hide from, no matter how hard they try.


There are a number of ways to kill a man. Some, more brutal than others. But to someone like me, the only thing that matters is the result.”