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Whiplash Cheats

Whiplash FAQs

  • FAQ

    Submitted by Kiopa

Whiplash Hints

  • Xbox | Submitted by GamesRadar

    Secret Level

    To get a secret level complete the game and go back to the third level walk around until you find a door that wasn't there before.

  • PS2 | Submitted by Cody Langston

    How to trip scientist and then Knock them out. And how to glide.

    You hold R2 Running or not, then you press circle and it will make your character spin the bunny on the ground and you will trip them then just beat them up. To glide you must first jump in the air press X twice and on the second time you hold it and you will glide!

  • Xbox | Submitted by Brandon Mckay

    Beat the lunch lady with ease

    To beat the lunch lady you must start at the top of the ramp (where you start out)and jump up and do the glide thingy and don't stop until you come down to the ground .on your way you should have hit the green tube thing and it should have shattered. to get the other three you do the same thing but land on the platform above the one you just broke.
    Then do the same thing to the green things on your sides . to get the last one you have to jump on the first platform then there will be other platforms next to you ,jump on them. now you will be on a platform that can reach the last green thing jump and do it. (there will be flaming twinkies being fired ar you. After you get the last green thing the lunch lady will come out and with her spatula, remember cut loose

  • Xbox | Submitted by kevin thie

    Easy Way To K.O. Guards/Free Stuff

    To K.O. guards easy all you have to do is hit them continuously until they try to guards him/herself. Runaway but keep the camera pointed at the guard. right after they stop guarding start hitting them continuously until they guard. Repeat this until guard is on the ground in pain.
    When the guards are on the ground keep hitting the guard until he/she gives you hypersnacks

  • Xbox | Submitted by Shiggity Sean

    Infinite Combo Chain

    In any area where there's a hub with a grinder (Where you toss
    Redmond in and pull the chain while he gets ground in the gears)
    you can perform a very interesting glitch.
    Start attacking the side of the grinder until Redmond goes into
    Hyper mode. Then stand in place as Redmond keeps hitting the
    grinder. You will notice that the Hyper bar stays up at maximum
    and your combo chain number increases.
    You can easily get a 1000+ hit combo in 3 minutes or so!

Whiplash Cheats

  • PS2 | Submitted by Derek Byers

    New Moves

    To get new moves you have to release all the animals and unlock everything in the level. After that get to the end of the level. When done you will receive a boon(which is a special thing you get after the level), you can get new finishing move,get blueprints,or hypersnacks which will level you up. So that is the way you get new moves.

  • PS2 | Submitted by slayer

    Beat electric spider boss

    There are three conductors at some sides of the room. get behind one. wait for the spider to shoot at you. the conductor will light up. repeat this action to work the cannon. shoot the spider to do damage. when it is dead, wait in front of it and it will give out lots of snacks. go to the multi station and chose the ion charge to use the unlit grapples

  • PC | Submitted by GamesRadar

    Cheat Codes

    Use these codes as your player name.
    Name Description
    SUPERMAN Makes your car invulnerable
    CUPWON See the end of championship sequence
    CINEMA Play in widescreen
    FORMULA1 Access alternate cars
    MREPRISE Access to the bonus set of tracks
    MRFROSTY Tracks become very slippery
    WARGATE Cars warp
    2X4B523P Get Car w/ Full Stats
    TINKLE Get Car w/ Full Stats
    SUICYCO Get Car w/ Full Stats
    MAYTE Get Car w/ Full Stats
    LOVEBUN Extra Car
    DR DEATH Destruct Mode
    I WON Show End Sequence
    ROLL EM Show Credits
    Duel Pro Opponents
    GOLDBOY Premier Track Cup Set
    TOPTUNES New Sounds
    MR ZOOM Speed Up Game
    TACHYONS Fastest Game
    TINYTOTS Thin Cars
    YOTARACE Large Tracks
    FREAKY Brown & Black
    REMOVE Disable Cheats

  • Xbox | Submitted by AlexD


    When playing the game, you may come across some of these, so watch out!
    *By the entrance to decontamination room, if you stand in the corner by the MULTI thing the screen turns black and you can see all placed objects and if you keep moving into the corner you will keep falling and will have to restart your Xbox.
    *If you freeze redmond and then freeze a security guard with him, you cant break him because his ghost will HAUNT YOU!!! not really but a floating flashlight will follow you around.
    *In the room with all the boxes in shipping try not to fall in the cracks between boxes. There is a chance you can escape, but you can still get stuck.