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What's this PlayStation Cowboy game all about then?

Sony apparently has, or had, a some sort of Western shooter on the go if this concept art (via AGD (opens in new tab)) is anything to go by. 

There are several pieces (opens in new tab) of work (opens in new tab) by freelance concept artist Ioan Dumitrescu, showing a very train-focused cowboy game, described only as “undisclosed project for Sony”, although he does add “I love westerns!” under one picture. 

This shot suggests some sort of first person shooter, although the rest of the images show trains in various states of crashing.

Given that the other images Dumitrescu has under Sony's name are for a VR luge game, I’m hazarding a guess that the Western is a PlayStation VR game where you have to shoot your way through a train before it crashes. 

Obviously, we’ve not seen anything of this elsewhere but the images were only posted a year ago so it could easily still be in production. Launch game for PlayStation VR? Yes. Yes, please. 

Here’s the Luge game as well, which is an interesting twist on the cockpit-focused VR set up that works so well. 

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