What if Mario wasn't the famous brother?

Imagine if you will, a world where black is white, up is down… and Luigi is the more famous and beloved Mario brother. In this parallel dimension, the overlooked and shunned plumber is the biggest gaming icon on the planet.Adored by millions, he’s fronted some of the greatest titles of all time, brought awareness to the medium like no other character and has driven his older brother to shameful, desperate acts in the process…

The rise of Luigi

On one fateful day in 1983, Nintendo genius Shigeru Miyamoto has an epiphany: he's going to go with the green one...

As Luigi captures the hearts and minds of tens of millions ofgamers all across the globe, his fame swells and he soon becomes a cultural icon who Hollywood rush to honour with his own summer blockbuster.

Oh, and this is also totally a universewhere Tails has broken out from under the shadow of his cruel hedgehog overlord and becomethemost successful characterSega has ever created.

Next up, we look at the tragic demise of Mario, as the portly plumber takes any job he can get to make ends meet.

David Meikleham
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