What if each Resident Evil 6 protagonist had his own trailer?

We've heard the chatter. The general consensus is that the Leon sections of the Resident Evil 6 trailer look like they're from the older entries in the series like Resident Evil 2, the Chris sections look akin to an action-game like Resident Evil 5, and that the parts with the mysterious mercenary look, well, unlike anything the series has ever seen. Capcom weaved the footage together to make it flow into one, long trailer, but what if each character had his own? What would the tone be like? Well, we were curious, so we cut them up and put them into their own sections to see what it would look like.

Watching them on their own we do notice some similar elements. The movement is fluid across all characters, more than it ever has been in Resident Evil titles, and the action seems over-the-top, even when Leon is being the gun. They do have their differences, though, and you can check them out in the video above. So, what do you think? Still convinced that we're getting something akin to Sonic Generations with Resident Evil 6?

Hollander Cooper

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