What happens when you mix Far Cry 5 with the beloved TV show Friends? Lots of punching

You can always rely on Reddit to deliver the unholy mash-ups you never dared dreamed of. Now modding maverick Duncs from Edinburgh, Scotland has shown us what happens when you smash together a classic sitcom and Ubisoft's Far Cry 5. Spoilers: Everyone gets punched in the face, and the duck... well, PETA should look away.

"Originally I just created it for some nice screenshots but I just couldn't get the idea of the Friends theme song playing while I ran around beating them up out of my head," Duncs tells Reddit. "So I had to make it." It took him around 10 to 15 hours to build on PS4.

He also admits to adding a few non-canon items while he was building the set. "I actually placed a bear in Monica's room for a laugh to see what it looked like, forgot about it for a while, came back to Monica's room and got a huge fright!"

Funnily enough, he adds that he hasn't played much of the actual story campaign. "I've barely played the single-player and just prefer to be creative."

Duncs, who goes by Mojo Swoptops on YouTube, has used Far Cry games to make videos before, but this is the first time they've been set in the world of a '90s TV show. Previously he's used Far Cry 4 to recreate the Liberation of Dordogne, Voditsa in Bulgaria, and Belen in Peru. 

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Rachel Weber
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