What do you prefer, freedom or scripting?

We've been playing loads of Red Dead Redemption and Alan Wake recently. The former isperhaps the greatest open world game ever, offering near peerlessFREEEEDOOOOMMMM! (sorry, slipped into Braveheart mode, there)and scale. Mr. Wake, on the other sun-deprived hand, is all about tight scripting and memorable set pieces. Which brings us onto the eternal question or... eh, the one we thought up this morning: what do you prefer, freedom or scripted moments?

Above: Do you love having a whole world at your fingertips to explore...

Above: Or do you prefer Mr. Developer to guide you by the hand?

Do you love those open world moments when everything (music, lighting, location) blends together perfectly to create bespoke random beauty? Or do you prefer to have a more channelled experience, withthe chance of amazing random occurrences given the kibosh in favour of tightly choreographed set pieces? The comments section below is just waiting to be filled to the brim with your piping hot words.

June 2, 2010