What do UFC fighters Jon Fitch and Mike Swick think of Undisputed 3 and... Skyrim?

It's rare that we get to interview actual videogame stars. Usually we talk to voice actors, directors, and producers, but it's uncommon that we're able to interview people that are actually in a game. Because of that, we jumped at the opportunity to discuss UFC Undisputed 3 with Jon Fitch and Mike Swick, two popular UFC welterweight fighters. During the interview we talked about the game, what they liked about it, what they felt need to be improved, and how they want to beat up the dragons in Skyrim.

Wait, what?

Apparently some of the UFC fighters are gamers, too - which makes sense, since they likely want to spend their off-time moving as little as possible. If we spent all of our time being punched in the face or training to be punched in the face we'd want to relax and fight dragons during down-time as well. For more UFC: Undisputed 3 info you can check out our preview, where we run through the career mode to see what it would be like to jump into the UFC. Except, you know, without the bruises.

Hollander Cooper

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