We've got the FEAR

If there's been a theme at this year's E3 (besides new hardware announcements), it's got to be either zombies or first-person shooters.

Falling firmly into the latter category is Monolith Productions' ultra-spooky PC gun-'em-down FEAR - of which you can see the very latest screens on the right.

First Encounter Assault Recon (to give the game its full, slightly preposterous, name) sees an unidentified paramilitary force infiltrate an aerospace compound and take hostages - but issue no demands.

A special forces team sent in by the government is obliterated. Which leaves only the extra special forces to save the day - in other words, you.

Expect relentless enemy assaults, cinematic special effects and a state-of-the art arsenal. Which can't be bad.

FEAR will be released for PC in the autumn