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Wet - hands-on

Pausing to catch our breath, we ask Fortier to explain the mechanics behind Rubi's impressive sword kills. "The shooting sections are build-ups to sword kills," he explains. "She can only use her sword at specific moments to kill enemies, she can't run around wielding it. The sword kills integrate smoothly with the action, so you could be climbing up a wall next to an enemy and choose to use your sword and the game will automatically execute a relevant sword kill. She also has an Unleashed mode, which makes her invincible for a while and lets her go completely berserk. You'll need to fill up her Unleashed meter first by using lots of acrobatic moves, because we want to reward the player for playing that way."

If that's not cool enough for you, how about Rubi's ability to jump from car to car, plunging her sword through vehicle roofs in order to spike the drivers? What's more, A2M also informs us that Rubi will possess four different types of gun, including a shotgun and a crossbow that fires exploding rounds, though sadly, it doesn't seem as though she'll be able to mix and match. Not yet, anyway.

What's clear is that Wet is shaping up to be far more than just a gratuitous gun fest that uses sex as a selling tool. Even this early on, there's more than enough potential here to suggest that it could be a thrilling experience that places accessible Hollywood-style action above gritty hyper-realism. Like a cross between an alt-porn starlet and an ass-kicking assassin with a PhD, Wet has the substance to be so much more than just a sexy girl with guns, a sword and an ass you could park a Harley in. Lara and the Prince had better beware - the future of action adventure has a new face.