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Wentworth Miller For Resident Evil: Afterlife

New plot details have leaked online for Resident Evil: Afterlife , including confirmation that Ali Larter will reprise her role from Resident Evil: Apocalypse, and Wentworth Miller is joining the cast.

Boris Kodjoe, an actor playing one of the featured roles in the new film, confirmed in an interview that the film will be set in LA, with Milla Jovovich's Alice on the search for survivors and finding a group, led by Kodjoe, holed up in a jail.

Miller will play one of the characters that the survivors locked up in a cell, apparently unsure whether he is a zombie or not. His character comes into play once the survivors must try and escape the jail and make a break for freedom.

So it sounds like Miller has got a whole new prison break on his hands - hasn't anyone involved in Afterlife heard of typecasting?

Also, judging by the clues dropped by Mr. Kodjoe, Miller could some kind of T-Virus mutation we haven't seen, or in fact, be immune to the Zombie plague...

Resident Evil: Afterlife is directed by Paul W.S. Anderson, and is released next year.

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