We'll see Final Fantasy 14's huge graphics update in July, but you might never get it on PS4

Final Fantasy 14
(Image credit: Square Enix)

Final Fantasy 14's big graphics overhaul will be shown off at multiple Fan Fests throughout the year, though you might not want to get too excited if you play the MMO on PS4.

Final Fantasy 14 director Naoki Yoshida and community director Toshio Murouchi have hosted another Letter From the Producer Live showcase. As part of the presentation, Yoshida mentions that the live chat has asked for details on the MMO's upcoming graphics overhaul, saying he'll show more later this year.

"Chat said they wanted to see more updates on the graphic improvements. I will be showing them starting at the North American Fan Fest," Yoshida says (as translated by a Final Fantasy 14 fan Discord). This Fan Fest is the first of 2023's trio and is due to take place on July 28 and 29 in Las Vegas.

This probably means we can expect to see more of the graphics overhaul when the Fan Fest takes place in London, later this year on October 21 and 22. The final of the three Fan Fests takes place in Tokyo early next year, on January 7 and 8, and this final festival could also theoretically see news on the graphics update.

The graphics update referred to here is one Yoshida announced over a year ago in February 2022. At the time, Yoshida announced Final Fantasy 14's big 7.0 update would see a graphics overhaul with better textures, resolutions, and environment details throughout the MMO.

However, Yoshida now says this overhaul "probably" won't be made available for PS4 players. "It will stay supported," Yoshida says of the PS4 version of Final Fantasy 14. The director added that since the graphics overhaul is an "optional feature, you probably won't be able to turn it on on PS4."

This is sad news for PS4 players, but considering Final Fantasy 14 is still being supported on a decade-old platform, it's not a huge surprise. The good news here is that the PS4 will stay supported in the future for Final Fantasy 14 players, as there are no doubt millions upon millions of players still using the last-gen console around the world.

During the same showcase earlier today, Yoshida Murouchi announced Final Fantasy 14's patch 6.4 would be arriving in late May 2023, and its title is 'The Dark Throne.'

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