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Welcome to VR Week

Virtual reality is here. The Oculus Rift is now shipping in its very first consumer form, Valve's HTC Vive will be arriving in homes next week, and Sony is sailing into the market in October this year with an attractive $399 price point for its imaginatively named PlayStation VR.

It’s an exciting and, frankly, confusing time, as publishers attempt to sell the virtual reality dream using words, pictures and videos that capture only a snapshot of the immersive experience. To celebrate the dawn of a new era – and hopefully, add clarity to what is a fairly major buying decision – we've got a week of features focusing on virtual reality in its varying forms.

GR loves VR - and it's not just because our names are slightly similar - but appreciate it can be hard to fully pass on exactly how virtual reality can make you feel. We’ll do our best to capture the thrill of VR – plus its potential pitfalls – and can guarantee no motion sickness whatsoever, from our adventures with rock dropping pterodactyls to eagle flights across Paris; taking you closer to experiences unlike any you’ve encountered before.

We’ve got you covered, whether you're looking for the most anticipated PlayStation VR games or exactly what you'll need for your PC to be VR ready. We'll keep this page updated with all our virtual reality articles as the week progresses, including our most surreal VR moments yet and exactly what it's like to spend a full day gaming in VR. Clue: thrilling, and… you’ll see.

So stay tuned, and please let us know in the comments how you currently feel about VR, what you’re looking forward to – or fearing – and we’ll include the best comments in our Weekly News Show this Friday. Best of all, you have the thrilling glow of your comments being read by an actual human, before we all go to live in jelly pods with headsets and get harvested by malevolent robot AI for our energy output, under the illusion that we’re surfing on Neptune with Taylor Swift.


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