Week of WoW: The Burning Crusade - Day 3: Hellfire Peninsula

Arriving at the Nethergarde Keep, we mounted up and rode off towards our destiny through the Dark Portal. Once through, we were greeted by the familiar vistas from all the screenshots we've been obsessively combing through for the past few months. Cracked, orange earth contrasted with the galactic symphony going on in the sky - how many moons does Outland have?

Suddenly it didn't matter if all the moons went spinning off into space at once, because as we descended the colossal stone stairs of the Dark Portal we were met by a huge battle between some Alliance warriors and a handful of giant dragon/demon monster creatures. It was quite a welcome. Of course, we jumped in to lend a hand, Backstabbing away in an attempt to aid the valiant warriors. The devils dropped, so we decided to get back to our exploring.

We found a small cluster of Alliance quest-givers that plopped us on the first griffon out of there. We flew to Honor Hold (the Alliance outpost in Hellfire Peninsula) where we were greeted by a tattered group of soldiers that looked like they'd been in the field way too long. These trusty Alliance troops confronted us with a dreadful revelation: these guys had been stuck in this demon infested cesspool for years without any relief. One thing was clear, it was time for us to step up and lend a hand.