Wednesday Link-A-Mania

Alcatraz , Holy Terror , True Blood season five (yes, five!), Super 8

Jack Bender Joins Alcatraz Team
JJ Abrams’ intriguing new drama series Alcatraz has enlisted another prime mover from the old Lost team in the form of prolific director and executive producer Jack Bender. According to Deadline , Bender will be performing the same duties on the new show, which concerns a San Francisco detective (Sarah Jones) who discovers that old inmates at America’s most notorious prison who were presumed long dead are suddenly re-offending in the present. There’s even an old Lost -y in front of the camera: Jorge Garcia co-stars as an expert on Alcatraz. But before dismissing it as a mere Lost reunion exercise, check out the trailer . We reckon it actually looks pretty damned good.

Deleted Scene From Super 8
The Hollywood Reporter has posted a deleted scene from JJ Abrams’s Super 8 that gives a little more background to burgeoning filmmaker Joe’s obsession with Alice.

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