Weak @ Denise review

One-time Wallace And Gromit music composer Julian Nott takes his first stab at feature directing with this odd little debut, a low-budget, irreverent Brit comedy which plunges you deep into the darkest suburbs of London.

Middle-aged, unlucky-in-love dole officer Colin (Bill Thomas) rediscovers his passion for schoolfriend Denise (Chrissie Cotterill) after he bumps into her at the local hospital while visiting his ill mother. But Denise and her hunky toy-boyfriend Roy (EastEnders' Craig Fairbrass) lure the innocent Colin into a web of sexual intrigue, fraud and murder.

This hit-and-miss farce is very rough around the edges and too self-consciously quirky, but isn't without charm. While Fairbrass coasts on his Dirty Dan fame, Thomas shines, making Colin a likeable character who engages enough sympathy to see you through to the cluttered final act. Feeling deeply uncynical? Think the title's witty? Find senile grannies swearing funny? You won't be disappointed.

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