We want you on our football team!

FIFA 09 includes one of the most ambitious online multiplayer experiences in any current generation sports sim - 10 vs 10 positional football. How this will turn out in practice is anyone's guess - we anticipate arguments over who will play at left-back, everyone chasing the ball infant school playground-style, no-one keeping their shape, the striker failing to turn up - it'll be like a Sunday League game without the 8am start and the vomiting behind the changing rooms. In other words, it'll be brilliant.

So we've decided to get a couple of teams together: which is where we're counting on your support, as we'd like you to play with us, as a team, alongside a few players from our sister game magazines. (To see which mags click here). We'll take on all-comers, on a regular basis and have our own kit and team name and everything.

Whatever happens it's sure to be an experience and a challenge. If you're old enough to remember the recurring plot of 1980's kid's TV show Jossy's Giants - a lot of initial disappointments and in-fighting followed by a triumphant win - that's what we're aiming for.

To ensure we've got the best squad possible we want you to register your interest as a player and then attend a pre-match training session where the best players will be picked for the elite squad. This will involve taking part in a tournament in October - so be prepared to travel for that (we might even be able to get a team bus together).

Anyway the first stage is for you to put your name on the list. You can do this by emailing us here.

We need you to include the following information:

  • Name
  • Address
  • Age
  • What console you have to play FIFA 09 on.

As soon as we have a date for the selection day we'll inform you via email so keep checking your inboxes for an invite later in the month.

For all tournament information head to the FIFA 09 Online Challenge Home Page which will be updated regularly (well, as often as we remember).

Any other questions ask away below and we'll answer as soon as we can.