10v10 confirmed for FIFA 09

FIFA 09 will feature 10v10 online play on Xbox 360 and PS3. David Rutter, Line Producer on the PS3/360 version told us: "We've managed to get 10 v 10 this year online through strength of will and technological nous. [But] we want to make sure the control system for controlling goalkeepers is compelling enough before putting it in, because no game has done it particularly well, if it's even been in there.

"So we want to make sure it's good enough before putting it in because the last thing you want to do is say "tada - 11 v 11"… and the goal keepers are rubbish."

He also told us that they have achieved parity between the two consoles, so there won't be anything visibly different on either platform. And yes, tech, fans – that means they've got anti-aliasing running in full effect on PS3.

The game will feature better collision physics between players, much-improved trapping and first-touch mechanics and even tighter animations, following on from Euro 2008's commendable tweaks. We'll bring you much more on this one soon.

Above: Rooney will look just as dashing on PS3 as 360. But you really must see his Mii version on Wii

Justin Towell

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