We want more games on XBLA, says Microsoft

Microsoft is trying to "bump up the pipeline" on Xbox Live Arcade and wants to see more releases on the service, Casual Games general manager Bryan Trussel has said.

Speaking at the Game Developers Conference last week, Trussel said that Microsoft is "trying to bump up the pipeline quite a bit."

"We have these Wednesdays where we release our games and they come out not every week but most weeks," he said. "We're increasing that pipeline. We want to do a couple of things; we want to have more games come out so that it becomes a new game every Wednesday, and occasionally more than one game coming out every week."

Trussel also talked about his desires to turn XBLA Wednesdays into an "actual destination time" for gamers to come for both new games, new download content, tournaments and competitions.

March 14, 2007