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We used FaceApp to cheer up gaming's greatest grumps

Another week, another face changing app, this time called... FaceApp. ('Great meeting everyone. Lunch?') Its main skills are making you look old, changing your gender and, most importantly, adding smiles where there were no smiles before. So what better use of a slow news day than to use that last one to cheer up some of gaming's most famous misery guts.

Venom Snake, MGS 5

Ethan, Heavy Rain

Batman, Arkham Knight

Geralt, The Witcher 3

Kratos, God of War

Wesker, Resident Evil 

Heihachi, Tekken 7

Marcus, Gears of War

There you go. Turns out most of them are actually more scary with a smile. I think we've all learned something here. 

Leon Hurley
Leon Hurley

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