Watcher, Mate

Fancy a chat with Anthony Head? Then here’s your chance to win a 30-minute phone conversation with the man himself, so you can natter about what happened to Watcher Rupert Giles after Buffy finished, what it’s like to be snogged by David Walliams in Little Britain or even if he’s ever going to make a return to Doctor Who.

To win this unique opportunity, you need to take part in this on-line auction in aid of the Tilley Farm Trust. Bidding closes on 29 March, and the winner will get their phone call in early April.

Here Anthony himself on what exactly the Tilley Farm Trust is all about: “My partner, Sarah Fisher, and I are planning on starting up our own charity. The charity will be based at Tilley Farm with a long-term goal to secure the farm for continuing the education programmes currently taught at the premises. The charity is raising funds to promote kind, respectful handling of animals and will also support the vital puppy foster work that Sarah and myself have been doing for the past year. The charity will also include the rescue, rehabilitation and release of local wildlife following the recent closure of the original wildlife charity that was based on a small parcel of donated land at the farm. The land originally loaned will be made into a dog-friendly garden for clients who cannot run their dogs off-lead. We will also be raising funds to offer financial support to people involved with shelter work who wish to travel from overseas to learn about TTouch to help animals in their care. Please help us to help animals by participating in our auction.”