Watch the new God of War trailer and get ready for more father-son monster slaying

Between all the new announcements at the PlayStation Live from Paris Games Week presentation, Sony took the time to remind us that God of War is coming with a new trailer. If we weren't just months away from its "early 2018" release window, I'd almost say we're getting into too many trailers territory, but the game is so close I can't really blame 'em.

The trailer begins in spooky cave res with Kratos and his son Atreus encountering a strange, craggy beast. Atreus warns Kratos that the monster is a Soul Eater that can, uh, eat their souls. Rather than charging into combat, Kratos simply waits for the giant monster to depart. Man, he really has changed a lot from his old rage-spree, kill-everything-you-can-reach days, hasn't he?

Even if the Soul Eater turns out to be a combative bust (for now), the trailer quickly transitions to some of the crowd-clearing combat that is Kratos' specialty. He puts his magic axe to work, doing big broad slashes that look like they spread out damage in front of him, doing a sort of ground-pound technique with an area of effect, and he even throws one draugr into another, smashing them both. That's a classic right there.

Atreus helps set up attacks for Kratos and calls out warnings and areas of interest throughout the fight. I wonder if he'll be quite that vocal in the main game, or if they made Atreus a bit more talkative for demonstration purposes. While we wait a few more months to resume our adventures with the God of War, you can see what else to look forward to with our list of the best upcoming PS4 games.

Connor Sheridan

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