Watch the first episode Totally Rated season 2, with Mario Golf: Super Rush

GamesRadar+, along with our tech and gaming sister sites including PCGamer and TechRadar, presents a weekly video series that combines our expert superpowers to bring you all the hottest opinions on games and tech. You can watch the latest episode right now, right here. 

This week, the first episode of season 2, looks at the latest big release for Nintendo Switch, Mario Golf: Super Rush.

Mario Golf Super Rush

(Image credit: Nintendo)

"Mario Golf: Super Rush lives up to its name in most ways," says GamesRadar's Ben Tyrer. 

"This is golf where someone has leaned on the fast-forward button and the pressure to swing and slice as quickly as possible is just as important as accuracy. That pace also extends to the game’s design, where every mode feels like it’s been designed to be devoured swiftly instead of savored. 

"Unfortunately, the one aspect where nominative determinism doesn’t come into play is the 'Super' part."

Totally Rated also looks at why buying a PS5 is suddenly easier if you already own one, and checks out the new music event happening in The Sims 4, featuring pop sensation Bebe Rexha, the Glass Animals, and Joy Olo Dokun. You can also hear from Future's tech experts on the new Apple Beats Studio Buds.  

"They sound great, with a lively sound quality that elevates the highs and lows of your music, and feel supremely comfortable to wear for long periods of time...  these are our favorite Beats earbuds since the Powerbeats Pro elevated the workout earbud form factor in 2019."

New episodes of Totally Rated will roll out every Friday.

Rachel Weber
Managing Editor, US

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