Watch The Division's Underground DLC go full Diablo with random dungeons

The Division's first paid expansion arrives tomorrow on Xbox One and PC, and I sure hope you're ready for randomly generated urban dungeons. Hold on, Ubisoft has a title card for this. Let me just crop it and...

Yeah, there you go. Let those four words sink in for a minute. Then go ahead and watch the full trailer.

Players who aren't up for the PvP-optional antics of the Dark Zone should be pleased by the nigh-limitless subterranean Operations, though I'm mostly looking forward to whatever nonsensical configurations of mundane locations they will surely create. "Why'd we build a subway station that feeds directly into a sewer? I dunno, why do we make pizza that you have to fold to eat?"

Ubisoft also released the full patch notes for update 1.3, which will arrive alongside the expansion on Xbox One and PC. The update adds a new social space to the Base of Operations called The Terminal, enables a new Dark Zone bracket for those with Gear Scores of 231 or greater, and makes several other additions and adjustments. Note that the update - not the expansion - is free for all players, though it looks like the PS4 version has been delayed until next week (via GameSpot). The Underground expansion will hit PS4 on August 2.

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