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Watch Doom Eternal running on a fridge

(Image credit: Bethesda)

Doom Eternal can seemingly run on a fridge, as one enterprising player has discovered.

Taking to Instagram, the player showcased Bethesda's frantic shooter running on a panel of their Samsung smart fridge. They promised a full video soon to show how they achieved the feat, but we have a few ideas of how he could have pulled it off. Before we go into that, check out the video below. 

First up, they could be mirroring his TV to his Samsung smart fridge. The incredible (and ostentatious) feature allows users to check out what's playing on their TV on their fridge door. If he had Doom Eternal playing on his TV, then he could mirror that to his fridge and be playing off his console, just using the fridge as a screen. Check out how you can do that down below. 

The other potential way is similar, except instead of his mirroring the TV, they could be mirroring their phone. With Doom Eternal now streaming on Xbox Game Pass Ultimate, which the Instagram user references, there's every chance he could be streaming the game via Project xCloud to his phone, then mirroring his screen on his fridge. If that isn't some next-level tech use, then we don't know what is. 

The Doom series is well known for its ability to run on literally anything, including digital cameras, public billboards, and an actual pregnancy test. So why not a fridge? As long as dipping into hell doesn't defrost our food, we're all for this unexpected use of technology. 

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