Watch Destiny: Rise of Iron's flaming battle axe take shape in real life

Destiny: Rise of Iron is making The Taken King's swords look oh-so-last-year with Lord Saladin's flaming battle axe, and now you can see what it would look like in our world. "Paying modern day blacksmiths to make real-life versions of your super-impractical weaponry" is the kind of marketing trend that I can really get behind.

The battle axe made by Sword and Stone is quite a bit smaller than the Greatsword of Artorias the Man at Arms team forged to promote Dark Souls 3. But the upshot of the reduced scale is that a decently burly dude can actually hold the thing without teetering around like a dizzy toddler. Your Guardian can try out the full-sized version when Destiny: Rise of Iron is released on September 20.

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