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Watch Destiny 2: Curse of Osiris' huge new public event in action

New missions, Strikes, and gear are coming to Destiny 2 (opens in new tab) in the Curse of Osiris DLC, but anybody who's ever farmed tokens knows what the real main event will be. After teasing last week the biggest public event Bungie's ever made, the studio delivered with an 8-minute look at a sprawling skirmish against the Vex called "Vex Crossroads." You can see the full feed on Bungie's Twitch page (opens in new tab).

This ain't a reskinned version of an existing event with an extra step or two thrown in. Vex Crossroads takes place in a dedicated portion of the Mercury map (which is visible from the Lighthouse if you prefer to hang back and watch the fight) and spreads into multiple areas that are inaccessible outside of the event. The first objective is to kill "gatekeepers", AKA big angry Vex Hydras, and steal their keys, AKA orbs, then dunk them into a requisite number of warp gates. Several of these Hydras will spawn in at once so multiple players (and fireteams) can contribute to the same public event even if they're fighting in different parts of the map.

As the event progresses, you'll hop into Vex cannons to fire yourself onto distant "islands" for further slaying and dunking. Bungie didn't show how to trigger the Heroic version of Vex Crossroads, but it did show the conclusion: a battle against a giant Vex Gate Lord at the very center who intermittently becomes invincible. The only solution is, of course, more slaying and dunking - but this time you get to execute Barkley-worthy Shut Up and Jam maneuvers using nearby Vex cannons, so I'll forgive the repetition.

Get through all that and you'll be rewarded with not one but two public event chests; a potentially big haul for a big undertaking. Though as the internet quickly pointed out, that doesn't mean there will actually be anything exciting in either of them. 

For more details on Mercury itself and other new stuff coming to Destiny 2, check out our look at Bungie's first Destiny 2: Curse of Osiris presentation (opens in new tab)

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