Watch Days Gone's new tourist-friendly trailer and enjoy 7 dangerous sights

The latest Days Gone trailer is half tourism advertisement for a semi-fictional location and half grim reminder that most things in the game want to kill you. Except for the deer, they're ok. You can watch the full trailer for yourself above and scroll on for some highlights that show off Days Gone's dangerous (but purdy) world.

Misty roads are less peaceful than they look 

If you've spent much time in America's Pacific Northwest, you'll probably recognize the Farewell Wilderness (a fictional stretch of inland Oregon). Low-lying mist is a common sight out on the roads, trails, and valleys where you'll spend much of your time in Days Gone. It's picturesque, but it's also perfect for concealing distant threats until they're close enough to be a big problem.

Freakers converge at the river

Freakers are a part of the world in Days Gone. Unlike your usual zombie that just stands around or wanders aimlessly when it isn't chasing flesh to devour, Freakers have their own needs to fulfill. That includes drinking water, so watch your back if you're ever near a lake or river.

The wolves are distressingly fast

Freakers are creepy, sure, but how about really fast wolves? The most unrealistic part of this scene is wolves trying to attack a human being, but they can top 30 miles per hour at a sprint. That's fast enough to catch up to a motorcyclist on rough road. Don't think getting to your bike means you're safe.

A lone Freaker can be more dangerous than a horde

Days Gone has had that Big Horde Energy ever since its reveal trailer showed off hundreds of Freakers roving around at once. But even if you steer clear of big groups, the right Freaker in the wrong place can make all the difference in the world. This jump scare is quietly tragic, too, since that Freaker was clearly a kid somebody shoved in a trunk and left there.

Nevermind, hordes are always the worst

We've seen Freakers gathering at places like this lumberyard before, and I just assumed they were bunching up out of instinct. However, the trailer explains that it's actually another survival behavior: they're feeding on mass graves from the middle of society's collapse.

At least Deacon's one tough mudder

Some people go out on muddy trails in 4x4 vehicles with sturdy roll cages. Other people, like Deacon St. John, slam down slick mountain paths with nothing between them and the rocks below but 30 feet of air and a dirty baseball cap. Please wear a helmet.

Winter landscapes are so beau- dude you ruined it

Deer are cute and quiet. Freakers are horrid and loud. Guess which one you'll end up spending more time with in Days Gone, though.

Check out our hands-on preview with Days Gone horde levels to see how we dealt with all those Freakers. Hint: poorly. 

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