Call of Duty: Warzone spectator uncovers a very bad cheater

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A Call of Duty: Warzone player spectated a player they suspected of cheating, and the results were pretty embarrassing.

In the clip below, Reddit user zimrh explains that they spectated a player in Call of Duty: Warzone that they were killed by, because they suspected their foe was cheating. To their amusement, they discovered that the cheater, who they guessed was using an 'aimbot' to help their accuracy, wasn't even that good, and ending up dying to the final opposing player in a 1v1 scenario.

I Spectated a Cheater in Warzone Who Sucks at Cheating, I Thoroughly Enjoyed Watching Them Fail at the End! from r/CODWarzone

It's a lovely little bit of schadenfreude from the Call of Duty community at large. It's no secret that Warzone players have had their fare share of cheaters to deal with over the game's lifespan so far, with players taking advantage of cheats to hide out in the gas and win a match by default multiple times over the past year.

In fact, you can see a player taking matters into their own hands to fight back against a "stim" glitcher in the gameplay just below. The player in the video takes a vehicle and heroically drives back into the encroaching gas to take down a player hiding out at the other end of the Rebirth Island map, who is using the stim exploit to heal themselves with infinite items.

Wasn’t about to let a stim glitcher steal my squads W from r/CODWarzone

In a slightly different issue facing the Warzone community of late, players have been fighting back against a skin that many have deemed 'pay to win'. The Warzone Roze skin in particular is made up of incredibly dark colors, meaning players have been using it to hide out and blend into the darker corners of the Warzone map. Their foes have understandably had enough of this, and they're fighting back big time.

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