Warriors worth a thousand

Does this really count as news? It's not like we're surprised at all to learn that there's a new Dynasty Warriors game coming out (we're up to about 40 or 50 at this point), but given its undying popularity, chances are you'll be overjoyed to learn Vol. 2's new features.

Most importantly, this army-against-one battle will let four people play together, razing waves of troops to the ground with their super-powered attacks and customized animal rides. You'll be able to care for a stable of eighthorses and elephants - which you can ride into battle, though they won't fight without you or anything -each with its own attributes and experience points to track.

If you dove into the last PSP Warriors, there were 100 unlockable officers to obtain throughout the game. Now you'll have 300 to find and trade with your fellow conquerors as you slay your way through Vol. 2's 50 stages and 31 maps.

Consult the Images tab for more shots of the latest attempt to bring China to its knees.

September 7, 2006

Brett Elston

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