Warners adapts Ninja Scroll anime

Warner Brothers has grabbed up the rights to adapt anime thriller Ninja Scroll into a live-action movie, with Watchmen writer Alex Tse working on the script.

Leonardo DiCaprio’s Appian Way production company is on board to move the film through development, reports Variety .

Scroll follows a ninja for hire in feudal Japan who discovers an old enemy planning to overthrow the government.

No role for DiCaprio

Unlike many of his producing projects, Leo DiCaprio isn’t actually planning to pick up throwing stars and act in this one.

Tse, meanwhile, has also penned a version of Ray Bradbury’s classic novella The Illustrated Man, which Watchmen Zack Snyder has on his to do list.

Seems like Warners can’t get enough of all things ninja right now – between this and the Wachowski-produced Ninja Assassin, it’s looking the studio’s next couple of years will be both silent and deadly.