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Warner Bros lining up new version of The Odyssey

Today seems to be the day for studios to announce their plans to spruce-up the epics of yesteryear, with Warner Bros revealing a new project set to draw upon Homer’s The Odyssey .

However, rather than dusting their chariots off, this new adaptation… wait for it… will be set in space! Just as Homer would have wanted, right?

Now while this might seem utterly ridiculous on the face of it, the outlandish monsters that Odysseus meets on his journey in the original text would actually lend themselves quite nicely to a sci-fi twist.

For those among you who’ve been out of school for a while, The Odyssey chronicles the attempts of Odysseus to get home to his wife after his endeavours in the Trojan war. However, that basic goal soon proves easier said than done…

Warner has hired James DiLapo to write a script, while David Heyman will be among the producers. And needless to say, they’re imagining the film of the first part of a franchise.

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