Warcraft addict busted for identity theft, gets parents arrested for growing pot

If you think your family is messed up, you might want to look at 17-year-old Trevor Miller, who used stolen credit cards to pay for his World of Warcraft obsession and accidentally led police right into his parents' marijuana farm.

Above: If you notice any weird-looking plants in around this house, torch %26lsquo;em up and see if the birds start flying funny

Miller and his parents live in a normal Chicago suburb in a home that's anything but normal. Authorities say the kid somehow managed to get his hands on several stolen credit cards and used them for the sole purpose of buying in-game currency for his WoW account.

An investigation into multiple fraudulent purchases led the US Postal Inspection Service and State Attorney officials to the Miller residence. That%26rsquo;s when things at 843 Dunhill Drive in Buffalo Grove, Illinois got interesting.

Police entered the house with a search warrant looking for evidence that Trevor was using unauthorized credit cards, but they found something even more interesting - six marijuana plants (three in the house and three outside) that he and his parents used to make some extra money on the side. Luckily for Trevor, his criminal parents probably won't lecture him about how it's wrong to break the law.

The unlucky news is that police still found enough evidence against Trevor to charge the teen with identity theft, burglary, unlawful use of a credit card, and computer fraud. Oh yeah, and he also got slammed with "unlawful production of marijuana plants." Both parents, 50-year-old Cindy and 52-year-old James, were also arrested for the same latter charge.

Above: In related news, we hear that Trevor may be getting tapped to do a new Proactiv commercial

We have no idea what Trevor's WoW account name was, but we're guessing he was one of those people who was really against the idea ofusing his real namein the game%26rsquo;s online forums. The entire family will now all go to court for a special bonding experience - that is, the kind that will most likely involve several thousand dollars bond for each of them.

Source:Tech Eye

Aug 05, 2010

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