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Want a free copy of XCOM: Enemy Unknown? Of course you do

XCOM: Enemy Unknown is one of the finest strategy games ever. That's why we gave it a splendid 4.5 stars back in 2012. And hey: it's still damn good more than two years later. You command a covert group of super-soldiers as they face off against a mysterious alien invasion. Each soldier can be upgraded and even renamed, so you take it damn personally when one is gunned down by an alien scumbag!

Enemy Unknown's unique blend of strategy, squad management, and shooting the massive eyes out of aliens makes it a true classic. And you can have a FREE Steam key for the game. Why? Green Man Gaming has teamed up with the Golden Joystick Awards to give away thousands of keys. All you have to do to get one is...

Place your votes: Head over to the Golden Joystick Awards website and pick your winners. Make sure you submit your votes with the same email address as your GMG account if you have one.

Claim your free game: Make your way to and fill in the 'Claim your free game' form. If you're registering your GMG account for the first time, make sure you use the same email address you used for the Golden Joystick Awards website.

Link your Steam account: If you're an existing Playfire member with your Steam account linked, you’re already finished.

The offer is "while stock lasts" and you'll have to be over 18 to claim. Please be aware that certain territories may run out of keys faster than others based on demand. Voting is now open until 12 midnight UK time (4pm PT), on Tuesday 21 October.

Any part of the process not working for you? Here's what to do:

The GMG support system is here...

You enter XCOM in the Search box, then create a support ticket with the GJA14 as the start of the subject.

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