WandaVision's success leads to a run on related comics, leaving Marvel out of stock for months

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If you're jonesing for more WandaVision-esque action and looking to comics for the answer, you might be limited if you want it in print.

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Marvel Comics has informed retailers that its four primarily WandaVision-related comics collections sold out at the distributor level back in February, and new printings won't be ready until the end of April.

The Vision Complete Collection, Vision & Scarlet Witch: The Saga of Wanda and Vision, House of M, and Scarlet Witch by James Robinson: The Complete Collection are all on back-order, with whatever copies comic shops and bookstores have now to be it until April 21 at the earliest.

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The first three have already sold out at Amazon, with copies available only on their second-hand Amazon Marketplace service for double the cover price (or more.)

Now, if you're able to read digitally they all remain available - that's how digital works.

That's without mentioning the planned Scarlet Witch/Doctor Doom event Darkhold which was originally scheduled for 2020. It was derailed by the COVID-19 pandemic, but there are signs it could arrive later this year.

Marvel has a general track record of being fairly conservative in printing collections for long-term sales, instead favoring smaller print runs that limit their financial risk. 

While this strategy has its benefits, it leaves a publisher open to shortages like this - which Marvel experienced previously with its Infinity Gauntlet collection during the timeframe of Avengers: Infinity War. Dark Horse experienced similar problems, with the success of Netflix's Umbrella Academy burning through their stock of the comics, leading to a period where the comics were unavailable for most retailers.

Read our in-depth review of the most recent of these, The Vision.

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