VR football trainer used by Man Utd and Arsenal coming to Steam

Rezzil Player 21
(Image credit: Rezzil)

A VR programme used by clubs such as Manchester United, Arsenal and PSG, and backed by former Manchester City captain Vincent Kompany, is being made available free of charge on Steam.

Rezzil Player 21 requires an HTC Vive or Valve Index headset paired with HTC Vive trackers in order to play. It’s a physical and cognitive development tool featuring real-world training exercises, apparently developed in conjunction with real coaches and physios. Stats are uploaded to global leaderboards and developer Rezzil hopes that ultimately pro scouts may use the public version to spot new stars, although that feels a touch ambitious.

The exact Rezzil Player 21 release date isn’t confirmed, but all signs point to the first fortnight in November.

Rezzil Player 21

(Image credit: Rezzil)

The free element of the game includes a ‘finishing challenge’ with three different time limits of 30, 60 and 90 seconds, and an endless mode covering both the finishing challenge or a casual practice session. Credits can also be purchased to buy Adidas products for use in-game, such as the Mexico ’86 ball or Predator Mutator boots. 

Rezzil says Manchester United, PSG and Arsenal all utilise its technology, “to train their first-team superstars as well as the youth academy stars of the future.” It’s also received the backing of the French Football Federation, US Soccer, and The English FA.

“Being at the top of your game is a must for professional footballers and Rezzil’s training and drills deliver elite-level training in a fun and competitive way, pushing both mind and body,” says Kompany. 

“We’re very aware that the current pandemic has really affected both pro and amateur players, and so Rezzil is a great way to help keep their fine footballing skills in focus,” adds sports director Andy Etches. “The optional ability for home players to upload their stats and have real scouts poring over the data in their hunt for the superstars of tomorrow also adds an exciting extra dimension to the home experience.” 

The developer says DLC and an arcade version of Rezzil Player 21 are both coming soon.

Rezzil Player 21 is released on Steam in November 2020.

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