Vote for the best new streamer / broadcaster in this year’s Golden Joysticks Awards

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The Golden Joysticks Awards is bringing back the best streamer / broadcaster category, once again giving you the opportunity to vote for your favourite creator that has made waves online in the last 12 months.

From rising Twitch superstars, to hidden Facebook Gaming gems, we’ve taken a deep dive into the ever-expanding platforms and plucked out some of the freshest and most exciting new talent in the streaming space.

Last year, popular Fortnite streamer Ewok took home the golden gong for best streamer / broadcaster following an incredible year of growth and the support of some of the industry’s biggest names.

The shortlisted nominees in this year’s category are:

Now you’ve absorbed the shortlist, it’s time to vote for your winner. Head on down to the Golden Joystick Awards voting page below, and make your nomination heard.

“I’m so pleased to see the best streamer category return this year, as it’s a unique opportunity to spotlight a selection of so many brilliant creators, regardless of follower count,” says Danielle Partis, editor of, and acting editor of

“Every year, more and more amazing talent enters the space and it gets harder to choose from so many. This list is a mere snapshot of the range of talent that has emerged recently, but each streamer on this shortlist has earned substantial recognition for their achievements this year.”

Here's a little bit more about each of this year's nominees:

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Negaoryx is an LA based variety streamer who has gone from strength to strength this year, seeing a particular follower surge in the latter half of 2020. Her lighthearted content, spanning from gaming letsplays through to LEGO building vlogs, has something for everyone. She's also set to make a cameo in Cyberpunk 2077.

(Image credit: Shiv)

Shiv is an Apex Legends content creator that been making waves on Twitch for the last couple of years. In January 2020, he partnered with Luminosity Gaming to take his play to the next level. Since then, he has dominated as one of Apex's best players, and has branched out into other titles too.

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Kolo is a fast-rising Twitch variety streamer and YouTuber with a focus on open world and RPG titles. She's garnered a warm and welcoming community, and is a strong advocate of accessibility in gaming. In 2020, Kolo has almost doubled her following.

(Image credit: BigCheeseKIT)

Jakeem, aka Big Cheese, is a Florida based variety streamer who's seen big growth in 2020. His infectious personality and energetic content has amplified his community in the last year. In July this year, Big Cheese suffered a stroke, which makes his growth even more impressive. He's now a vocal ambassador for fellow stroke survivors.

(Image credit: QueenEliminator)

Lily is a former Mixer partner that headed over to FB Gaming following the platform's closure. She's worked hard to rebuild her community from 0, amassing 25k followers and counting in just a few months. With a strong focus on FPS games and engaging with viewers, she's built up a strong community on a fresh platform.

(Image credit: SteveInSpawn)

Steven is a US Twitch streamer, but recognised more notably as the COO and founder of AbleGamers, a charity founded to aid accessibility in gaming. Steven's personal channel has grown significantly in the last year, and in October, he became a Twitch ambassador, giving him an even bigger place to share his inspirational work.

(Image credit: Dovahrri)

Dovahrii is a new streamer with a focus on RPGs such as The Elder Scrolls Online and Torchlight. She created her channel just over one year ago and has build up a modest, yet enthusiastic community, with hundreds of viewers stopping by each stream. She's also a part of Black Girl Gamers, an initiative set up to spotlight black girl streamers.

(Image credit: IamBrandon)

Brandon is a Twitch variety streamer, and influencer relations manager at Reverb Games. He has a strong focus on community as the founder of Twitch Chicago, a project bringing together Chicago based streamers. He has made a sizeable impact outside Twitch this year too, as a voice for championing diversity in the games industry and beyond.

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