Viva Pinata 3 - what we want to see

The first Viva Piñata was a bit magical. Your bright, cheery piñata garden was a pleasure to gaze upon and tinker with as you saw fit. With a steady trickle of new piñatas to woo into your lush sanctuary, you could set yourself to work building a utopia or simply sit back and enjoy watching nature unfold.

Viva Piñata: Trouble in Paradise continued the piñata-nurturing, garden-building tradition, but felt more like an expansion than a sequel. If a third Viva Piñata is ever announced for 360 (we're not counting Party Animals), we want to see a proper balance this time between maintaining the core piñata gameplay and adding enough new content to make it feel like a fresh experience.

Life is nature's way of keeping meat fresh.