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Video: Watch Dogs 2 guides to hacking, upgrades and tech

Ubisoft’s hacker-themed open-world action game, Watch Dogs 2, allows players to explore and manipulate a breathtakingly detailed recreation of the tech capital by the bay, San Francisco. Garnering high marks from critics, the new Watch Dogs is one of the hottest video game releases this holiday season due to its stunning blend of action and freedom to hack apart just about everything in your surroundings.
For a limited time, you can also score a free copy of the game on PC by picking up a new qualifying GTX GPU. (opens in new tab) If you are looking to add the critically acclaimed action sequel to your collection this holiday, the following three video guides will help you get to grips with three key components of the game. The videos include a guide to the best hacks (and how best to execute them in Watch Dogs 2), essential upgrades and advanced tech in the game that actually exists in real life.

6 Essential In-Game Hacks

Best Buys and Upgrades

Watch Dogs 2 Tech that Actually Exists

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