Venom ongoing gets a new artist in March

Venom #17 cover art
Venom #17 cover art (Image credit: Marvel Comics)

It remains to be seen if Eddie Brock going back to full-on eat-Spidey's-brain-Venom mode in the pages of Dark Web Alpha #1 will carry over outside of the event (probably not), but changes are coming to the ongoing Venom title either way.

With March's Venom #17, original series artist Bryan Hitch makes way for new series artist CAFU, who recently signed a Marvel Comics exclusive contract.

Hitch will continue to draw covers for the series.

Venom #17 cover by CAFU (Image credit: Marvel Comics)

Although stopping short of calling him the series' "regular" artist, Marvel says CAFU will make Venom "his home in 2023," joining writers Al Ewing and Ram V. CAFU just recently finished a run on Iron Man with writer Christopher Cantwell.

"CAFU is the perfect artist to continue father/son Eddie and Dylan Brock's riveting journeys as symbiote hosts and their current adventures across time and space!" reads Marvel's announcement.

Venom #17 takes place in the aftermath of Dark Web (maybe Eddie will have to deal with his slide back after all) and finds him returning to the Garden of Time to face off against Bedlam.

Venom #17 variant cover by Bryan Hitch (Image credit: Marvel Comics)

"Since I was a kid, the Marvel Universe and its characters have been a huge part of my life, especially Spider-Man and his entire rogues' gallery. For this reason, it's been a dream come true signing this new exclusivity contract with the best comic-book publisher in the world and also drawing Venom, one of my favorite characters in all the Spider-Verse!" CAFU says.

Venom #17 goes on sale March 1 with a cover by CAFU and a variant cover by Hitch. 

Eddie Brock is one of many hosts of the Venom symbiote - but which one is the best? 

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