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Congratulations! You have been selected by a secret organization to participate in a global underground street fighting tournament. Prizes may include, but are not limited to, the following: a reunion with a lost family member, a million dollars, the respect of Sheng Long and stopping demons from invading the earth. Before you get too excited and start throwing out all your best finishing moves, remember that all fights are to the death and best two out of three - don't kill your opponent until you beat him the second time. Also, if you perform too well, you'll be attacked by a powerful secret fighter who only reveals himself at the awards ceremony. He will fight using evil energy, which is far too cheap to beat the first time, so you'll be killed anyway. Try to win the tournament, but don't make it look too easy. If you follow these instructions perfectly you might not die.

•Build up your power gauge by fighting, do the fireball motion twice and then press punch to perform a super attack. This is always how you perform super attacks.
•Block all your opponent's attacks.
•It is impossible to punch or kick someone while they are rolling. Try to time your somersaults so that you pass through your opponent's attempts to hit you.
•Stretching is important. Give yourself five minutes of finger stretching before and after a fight to avoid costly hand cramps during a critical battle.